How to distinguish fake and real wooden kitchen cabinets

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How to distinguish fake and real wooden kitchen cabinets

Wooden kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular materials in Vietnamese families. Perhaps because of this popularity, there are many production shops "selling cheaply their conscience" to produce poor quality wooden kitchen cabinets for consumers to get high profits.

1. Distinguish real and fake wooden kitchen cabinets made from diamond

Derived from the affordable price as well as the high durability, the oval material is used by many Vietnamese families to make kitchen cabinets. Taking advantage of this, many stores have used poor quality, doped cherry wood to sell to consumers. If you are not observant, you may buy poor quality goods at expensive prices.

A kitchen cabinet made of peach wood will have a light pink color, solid wood and very smooth. The texture is quite uniform and is capable of withstanding high pressure. However, when it comes to the finished product, it will be difficult for you to tell whether the store used real or fake cherry wood. So, the experience of choosing is that you should ask to see it before you start spraying. At that time, you can identify real or fake cherry wood through the following factors:

Identifying characteristics

Real wood

Imitation wood

Wood colors

Available in pink or light pink

The wood is strong, solid and very fine

There is bass tone, the wood grain is straight and even

The polished wood is very attractive

There are other colors: light yellow, ...

Wood is not sure, feels cotton to the touch

Wood grain unevenness

There is no gloss after treatment

The taste of wood

Slightly awkward, unpleasant


Fragrant, easy to smell


After a period of use, you can easily recognize high-class wooden kitchen cabinets through the following features:

For real oval wood: 100% pure, unadulterated wood will have a very high durability. Although using quite a long time, but the kitchen is still intact, without any leaks or warping. Besides, the quality of the wood is not affected by the moldy atmosphere of the kitchen or the aroma of food.

For fake cherry wood: After a period of use, you can get the quality of the kitchen cabinet increasingly degraded with manifestations such as: appearance of joints, warping and even the color of the kitchen. also be changed. In some cases, the damp kitchen air causes the kitchen cabinet to deteriorate more quickly, often slowly rotting from the inside out.

2. Distinguishing wooden kitchen cabinets are made from oak wood

Oak is one of the materials used by many people in the processing of kitchen cabinets. However, there have been many cases where, instead of oak, manufacturers use other woods that are similar in characteristics to oak but are cheaper to reap a greater profit on themselves. . Therefore, if you are thinking of choosing a kitchen cabinet made of oak, learn to distinguish oak from some other woods.

Features of kitchen cabinets made of oak:

  • Durable, beautiful with eye-catching colors, showing a modern style while bringing a classic breath, suitable for many apartment design styles
  • High-grade oak kitchen cabinet has good resistance, durability, and can resist termites.
  • The lines of the wood grain are very eye-catching, attracting the viewer

Distinguishing wooden kitchen cabinets made from oak wood from kitchen cabinets made from other woods:

  • Oak kitchen cabinets: divided into 2 main categories
  • Red oak:

+ Most of the wood fibers are very winning

+ Hardly or very few prominent spots because the wood beam is quite small

+ The color of the sapwood is usually white to light brown. Particularly at the heart of the wood has a reddish-brown color.

  • White oak

+ The wood grain is very straight, quite long and big

+ Compared with red oak, white oak has more toughness and more spots

+ Light white oak sapwood, the heartwood is light brown to dark brown

  • Kitchen cabinets are made from other types of wood: ash

+ The wood grain is quite straight, big and the wood surface is somewhat rough

+ Sapwood is usually pale to white in color. The heartwood has a variety of colors such as gray, yellowish brown to light brown

3. How to identify high-grade acrylic industrial wood kitchen cabinets with other wood kitchen cabinets

Today, the scarcity of natural wood lines opens up the idea of ​​making high-end industrial wood lines that are both convenient and durable as natural wood lines. In which, it is not possible to mention the high-grade acrylic industrial wood line.

This wood line is recommended for many uses for wood kitchen cabinets because it is reusable, clean and very environmentally friendly. Here is how to help you identify high quality acrylic wooden kitchen cabinets compared to other industrial wood lines:

  • Perception with the naked eye

With the naked eye, you can see that this wood has a very good luster, feeling like you can look into it in a mirror. Besides, thanks to the smooth and glossy wood surface, you can easily remove stains on the wood surface.

  • Recognized by wood properties

The advantage of this wood line is that it has good heat and pressure resistance. In addition, they are resistant to termites, moisture and cracks over time.

  • Recognize through aesthetics

Acrylic wood is a variety of colors, comfortable for you to choose from. Different from traditional wood lines, acrylic gives your kitchen a modern, luxurious aesthetic but aristocratic space.

Acrylic wooden kitchen cabinets

Above is how to distinguish fake and real wooden kitchen cabinets from some of the most popular wood materials today. In order to find and buy high-end, beautiful wooden kitchen cabinet designs with reasonable prices, customers can directly visit our website to choose the best kitchen cabinet.



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