Wooden kitchen cabinets are simple but luxurious and sophisticated

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Wooden kitchen cabinets are simple but luxurious and sophisticated

Currently, there are many diverse models of kitchen cabinets for consumers to choose from. There are many people who like classic, sophisticated and sophisticated designs to every detail. But there are people who like simple modern designs, but no less luxurious and aristocratic.

Responding to the different needs of customers, in this article, we will introduce to readers the simple, sophisticated and highly aesthetic wooden kitchen models.

1. Simple L-shaped kitchen cabinets

If you are a person who loves simplicity and sophistication, you cannot ignore this kitchen cabinet design. This kitchen cabinet model is both simple, convenient and suitable for the architecture of many types of apartments. The highlight of this design style is that the price is very affordable, neither too expensive nor too cheap.

2. Single kitchen cabinet model is made of mirror-gloss acrylic material

This is one of the high-class and simple wooden kitchen cabinets designs that bring your kitchen space to surprise and sophistication. The most attractive feature of this product line is the surface covered with a shiny Acrylic layer, making it seem like you can see a mirror in it.

3. Sample kitchen cabinets with an I shape

With I-shaped designs not only bring simplicity and sophistication to users, it also works very effectively in saving space for your room. If your room is a bit "modest" in area, this will be an ideal kitchen cabinet that you should use.

4. The design has a floating cabinet system, replacing the wall-mounted kitchen cabinet

Not too fussy or eye-catching, this design only uses simple lines such as straight lines, ... to highlight its sophistication and elegance. Most floating kitchen cabinets attached directly to the house will be convenient for housewives during cooking such as taking spices or necessary tools. Another advantage of this design is that it makes your kitchen neat, clean, and the items are scientifically and rationally arranged.

The downside that you need to keep in mind when choosing this cabinet model is that appliances will be very easy to cling to dust. However, you can overcome by using the glass used to shield the kitchen counter is also very effective.

5. Sample kitchen cabinets are designed close to the ceiling

Usually the models are designed to the ceiling very simply, but not so that it loses its sophistication. This kitchen cabinet design is very suitable for rooms with narrow areas, low ceilings.

6. Simple wooden kitchen cabinet model with the upper part

Have you ever heard of this high quality wooden kitchen cabinet? Sound strange, right? But actually this design is also used by quite a lot of households today.

Similar to other designs of wooden kitchen cabinets, this product line will be missing the upper part of the cabinet, leaving only the lower part of the cabinet. This has the effect of eliminating the confusion caused by the upper kitchen compartments. At the same time, it also helps your kitchen space become airy and create a more spacious feeling.

However, there is a downside that you need to keep in mind before deciding to use this model: it will limit your storage space because the upper kitchen cabinet has been removed. This requires housewives to know how to arrange furniture in a scientific and reasonable way. Particularly for households with many appliances, choosing this design is somewhat inconvenient because you can only store things in the lower cabinet. Perhaps, it is only suitable for families with narrow kitchen space and few appliances.

7. A simple kitchen cabinet model is made from natural fine oak wood

This is also considered a high-end wooden kitchen cabinet model because natural American oak is very durable, strong and the price is not cheap. Although simple, not too eye-catching, this kitchen cabinet model also contributes to the elegance and freshness of your kitchen.

8. A simple kitchen cabinet model is made of laminate

Laminate is an industrial wood material that is effective against scratches. Currently, these designs are very popular because it brings elegance and modernity to the kitchen.

Above are 8 simple wooden kitchen cabinet designs that you can choose from for your kitchen. Hopefully the above suggestions can help you design a kitchen space like the best.



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